Music, art, and the magic of the Mojave 

A note from Cathryn

Facebook post from January 22, 2021
I was 13 when we moved to Lancaster and I have vivid memories of standing over my dad’s shoulder while he sketched out plans for “Wagon Wheel Ranch Campground” which he was going to build on our newly acquired 10 acres in Kings Canyon. Although WWRC never made it off the graph paper, I have no doubt that’s when the seed was planted in my pea brain. In 2009 I sketched out my own camping destination vision, called it Wish Rock Ranch, and vowed to make it a reality someday.
In September of 2019 Jonny and I left San Diego to go and hang out with my parents in Lucerne Valley. We lost my dad in December of that year and over this past year my Mom, Jonny and I have been adjusting to the changes of life without dad, life during a pandemic and *sigh* just plain ‘ol life. We’ve spent the last 6 months searching for property in San Diego county where the three of us could start over, build the dream and live happily, ever after. Frustration and disappointment -vs- hope and trust in the universe. Trusting that we would end up where we were supposed to be even though, time after time, the places we wanted to be didn’t pan out.
A week ago my mom proposed that we just stay here and build a smaller version of our dream on the 2.5 acres she and dad have so lovingly created over the past 17 years. After some discussion and tears and walking around the property with new eyes, Jonny and I have decided to take her up on the offer. We’re putting down some roots in the desert sand.
San Diego will always be our home and we will continue to work and play and be part of the unique and loving music community that feels like family to us. Listen Local (thanks to you generous subscribers!) will continue to share music and art and creative people, places and things in San Diego as well as in the High Desert and surrounding areas. When it’s safe I’ll commute 3 hours south to host bonfire jams, the game, and fun festivals as I’ve done for the last 15 years. Jonny, as always, will be available for all of your live sound needs anywhere in Southern California.
And? You’ll have a place in the desert to get away from it all. Set up camp or check into a trailer for a weekend of Mojave bliss. Attend our acoustic concerts, songwriting retreats, art workshops and exhibits. Visit nearby Joshua Tree, Wonder Valley, and Big Bear. Discover cool, weird stuff in Landers and let me introduce you to the amazing local artists and musicians who reside in the high desert.
It sure was cathartic transforming the 12 year old “Wish Rock Ranch online vision board” into a new reality. Our space will not be open to the general public, rather, to our friends (and friends of friends) and family. This website is still under construction and until it’s safe to gather, our status is “coming soon!”.
A few days ago we moved out of the RV we’ve been living in for 3.5 years and moved the RV to make room for our new home which will be arriving as soon as the wind settles down. We’ve purchased a super cute vintage 60 foot manufactured home which will sit near these two mulberry trees we’ve grown so fond of. We’ll be spending the next few months getting our residence squared away and then we’ll start work on the outdoor stage, camp sites and trailers. We’ll build an outhouse and plan some super fun events full of music and art that will take place when it’s safe for everyone to be together again.
So. There you have it. Now that it has sunk in I can’t believe how perfect it all is. Thank you, Universe. You’ve done it again. xo