Music, art, and the magic of the Mojave 

Love Notes from our friends

Your combined skill, talent, and unrelenting attention to details elevates whatever you guys do to the highest heights. And, love is always the special sauce that makes it all so delicious Paul Moeller
Something about Cathryn’s events makes you feel that everybody there is your friend, as soon as you arrive. I’ve been to dozens over the years and every one is fun and inspirational. JT Moring

I have had the pleasure of playing at many events hosted by Cathryn over the years. She is an incredible professional, and goes above and beyond to make sure each artist feels comfortable and at home. Her husband Jon is one of the best sound engineers I’ve ever worked with, as well. He’ll make you sound amazing and give you everything you need on stage. This dynamic duo is a musician’s dream to work with. Can’t wait until I can perform at their newest venue! Suzanne Harper

These events connected me with some of my dearest friends in the community, and has gone on to lead to countless adventures and collaborations over the years! Magical stuff!! Ian McCartor
"The Game" songwriting challenge & The Heritage Ranch Encinitas Music events and bonfires hosted by Cathryn Beeks were some of the best activities I've been involved with. Can't say enough about how well they were run and how many fantastic memories they will always provide. Whether larger concerts or small intimate jams , Cathryn Beeks and Jon Edwards (on sound) always pulled it off in the best way possible. Richie Strell

Life changing, inspiring. Made so many connections with so many different kinds of people with the common love of music. Going to these events gave me confidence and support. I learned my first chord on the guitar right there by the pool in alpine. I was later inspired to start writing and playing ukulele. I’m not a virtuoso, and I’ll never be a rockstar, but I’ve been playing in bands for about the last 7 years and it fulfills something in my soul 💕 I am almost certain I never would’ve ventured down this path if I hadn’t crossed paths with Cathryn Beeks and met her wonderful encouraging tribe Wendy Crafts

I was at almost every event you held at the Heritage Ranch. I played at many of them too. Having Jonny as the sound man was always a pleasure. The events you organized were always well run and lots of fun! Ramona Ault

A splendid time had by all. Jonny and Cathryn are excellent hosts and put on a class performance. They are genius and genuine. Christopher O Carmichael
Had a note in my wallet, for a year or so, one day took a look at it. A gal I met, sharing a table to listen to some local musicians, mentioned Listen Local, songwriter events; and the note sat there in my wallet, until I finally got around to looking at it. The time seemed right, so after poking around the internet, maybe there was a phone call, anyways my accordion and I eventually showed up at Cathryn Beeks ' singer songwriter circle. Totally new to all of this, I became well practiced at recovering from crash and burn first public presentations of my new songs. Never seemed to matter how much I screwed things up, there was always a ton of support for my music and me, and a saving grace was that apparently to most folks surprise, they even found my accordion to be pretty agreeable for jamming. Well, it's not been a quick process, but my confidence has progressed a bit, and I have accomplished production of a couple musical children's books accompanied by CDs, and I fully expect to continue to grow my music, making this the primary focus of my attempt to remain relevant after retiring from the younger life of raising and providing for a family. Whatever success I am feeling is directly the result of Cathryn's generous inclusion of me into her creative world. It is a blessing, and I look forward to her continued success, and being able to be some small part of it again in the future. Thanks Cathryn. Grandpa Doc
Some of the best times ever at all your events throughout the years! I can’t wait for more music making with the best host on the west coast now Hart Acres!!!! Nisha Catron